Hatchでの提供終了まで短い期間ではございますが、引き続きお楽しみいただけましたら幸いでございます。 ご利用いただきありがとうございました。
“You must descend into darkness in the hope of finding the light.”
- Captain Yamada

An epic journey awaits

As the Arkanoid mother ship wanders through space in search of a new home, a new threat emerges to place humanity on the brink of extinction. With hope fading you must take the last remaining scout ship and start your descent into darkness. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance.


The world’s first Hatch Original

The legend returns in this reimagining of the 1980s arcade classic – in association with gaming pioneer, Taito. Our first Hatch Original is a showcase of creative excellence, offering an immersive cinematic experience set in five distinctive visual worlds.

Rise to the challenge

Destroy all the blocks and enemies by deflecting the energy ball off your scout ship. The faster you clear a stage, the more points you earn to climb the leaderboard. And look out for those awesome power-ups, like the Laser Cannon, Seeker Ball and the devastating Mega Ball.


Play on any screen – big or small

Arkanoid Rising is made for one-handed play, either on mobile or our special version built for TV. And it’s even more epic on the big screen – simply get Hatch for Android TV and use your phone as a controller. Start playing at home and then continue on the go.

Instant co-op with friends

Arkanoid Rising supports instant co-op – just like a classic arcade machine when a friend could insert a coin and join you mid game. At any moment you can invite a friend on Hatch to join you for some co-op fun. Two ships in the same game at the same time.


PvP battle arena

Get ready for a super fun player-versus-player mode. Set in a training facility where pilots can sharpen their skills, you have two minutes on the clock to destroy your opponent’s blocks. Collect awesome power ups, avoid enemy fire and then prepare for OVERDRIVE – the final 30 seconds when things get really crazy!

A hero will rise