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Arkanoid Rising – Press Kit


The Arkanoid mothership, carrying all that remains of humanity, is under assault by an unknown and deadly force. With your Vaus scoutship, you must break blocks, catch powerups and battle through unique and immersive worlds on your way to confronting the ultimate enemy. A hero will rise!


The original Arkanoid was first designed, developed and sold by gaming legends TAITO in 1986. It quickly became a breakout hit in arcade halls and on home consoles, ushering in a huge boom of block-breaking games. The legend returns in Arkanoid Rising, a bold reimagining of the arcade classic for the cloud gaming era. Made by Hatch in association with TAITO, Arkanoid Rising is built from the ground up for streaming with social play at its core. It’s also the first ever Hatch Original – available exclusively to members of the Hatch Premium subscription service for mobiles and TVs.

Development of Arkanoid Rising was led by Christian Tierney, a Hatch co-founder and the game’s creative director and executive producer.


  • Use your Vaus scoutship and Energy Balls to break blocks, catch powerups and defeat sophisticated roving enemies in fast-paced arcade action.
  • Battle through five unique and immersive worlds on your way to the final confrontation with humanity’s mysterious ultimate enemy.
  • Enjoy a cinematic, story-driven campaign for 1P. At any time, invite a friend online into your campaign for a helping hand and instant 2P coop with voice chat.
  • Hone your skills in an all-new PvP mode for short, competitive block-breaking bouts with a friend. Add even more friends and invite them to spectate, keeping the voice chat line open.
  • View PvP action from the perspective of either player, or a global “arena view” from the sidelines.

Hatch Entertainment
Based in Espoo, Finland

In association with TAITO
Based in Tokyo, Japan

Release date:
2019 (exact date varies by market)

Hatch (mobile and TV)


Regular Price:
Hatch Premium membership required. Price of monthly subscription varies by country.

About the original Arkanoid

“Arkanoid” was first designed, developed, and sold by TAITO in 1986. It quickly became a breakout hit, ushering in a huge boom of block-breaking arcade games. “Arkanoid” continues to appear on today’s newest gaming platforms, 30 years after its initial release.

As the sole owner of all intellectual property rights related to “Arkanoid”, including copyrights and trademarks, TAITO continues to proactively develop and market the classic game today.

Arkanoid: TM & © TAITO CORPORATION 1986, 2019. All rights reserved.

Arkanoid Rising: © Hatch Entertainment 2019. All rights reserved.