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Assembly Summer 2018: And the winning party starters are…

Finland’s epic demoscene party Assembly has come to an end, and now that the dust has settled, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Hatch Party Game competition. There was a lot of awesomeness on hand and the jury had a devil of a time agreeing on the winners. But in the end here’s how it shook out:

Parachuting into third place and 400 euros in walking-around money is the competitive skydiving sim Victims of Gravity by Half Bent:

Leaping onto the podium for second place and 600 euros is Team Magic Forest’s Frog Out! – a 3D physics-based party game that sees you eating and launching your friends:

Finally, brawling its way into first place in the jury’s hearts (and a check for 1200 smackers) is Tanks With Hands: Armed and Treaded – a 4-way beat ‘em up which does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Congrats to Team Grappling Hook on winning the first ever Hatch Assembly party game compo! Behold:

The jury comprised the following folks:

  • Super Strong Duke, promotion director, Hinotama JP, ex-TAITO & EA
  • Juhani Honkala, founder and CEO, Hatch
  • Mari Pudas, journalist, Iltalehti
  • Peter Vesterbacka, cofounder, Lightneer and Fun Academy

Will these games appear one day on Hatch? That’s a separate question – we’re at Assembly to foster and encourage indie game development. But these three party starters sure passed the first test – which is that they are fun to play and definitely bring people together. We wish the teams every success as they continue to develop their projects.