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Cloud gaming goes mainstream at E3

Like a lot of passionate gamers, I’ve been watching the E3 press conferences with relish, looking forward to the announcements, teases and first reveals from the world’s great console and PC publishers. Amid all the buzz around particular titles, however, a major undercurrent of this year’s show is turning out to be a phrase that, a year ago, would have drawn skeptical stares: cloud gaming.
After recent cloud gaming announcements by the likes of EA, Microsoft and others promoting new or forthcoming services, my reaction is: Welcome to the party. It’s a great validation of work that started years ago when Hatch was still a project within Rovio, and that began to take flight in 2016 when we spun out as a separate company altogether.

What is cloud gaming? In a nutshell it means streaming games – streaming as in, you know, actually playing games entirely online, as you would watch a movie on Netflix or listen to an album on Spotify.

There are different methods and technologies for implementing game streaming, but no matter how you do it, the benefits of cloud gaming to the consumer are clear – not least of which is playing immediately, without the friction of downloading, installation and application management, or even having to go out and obtain physical discs or cartridges. In a world where cloud services and Internet connectivity are only getting better, faster and cheaper, and where 5G will soon be the norm everywhere, it has always been clear to me that the games industry’s future is in the cloud.

As the pioneers of cloud gaming, Hatch’s vision is to be the ultimate place to discover, play and share great games. It’s a place where games are no longer constrained creatively by the storage or computing limitations of mobile phones. It’s also the only cloud gaming solution that works across all screens. In other words, Hatch is a place to play together and be together, with no need for specialized hardware that might exclude your friends – you can use the devices that are already in your life.

This means curating the very best in original, premium game experiences for our users. It means a friendly and approachable platform for games that aren’t designed around encouraging in-app purchases or addictive behavior. It means letting people play even single-player games together in real-time with voice chat. It means never worrying about space on your phone again.

I could go on – but if you live in one of the 18 European countries where Hatch is already live, you can play the future today and try it for yourself.

Happy cloud gaming!