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Developer’s tips for surviving PyroMind

You have been challenged! PyroMind is the puzzle that goes boom – and on Hatch League, the PyroMind Challenge is ON until May 2. The player with the highest score wins a shiny new bluetooth headset. Sound like mission impossible? Worry not. We know this bomb defusing game requires more than just luck, which is exactly why we reached out to developer DBabicius for advice – who better to share some golden tips on how to defuse more, blow up less and ultimately score higher points, than the developer himself?

Here’s what DBabicius had to say

Real-time elements 

Though the game is mostly turn-based, there are some real-time elements, as well. For instance, new bombs never appear during explosions. Use that to your advantage.

Escape if you can

After a chain reaction starts, you still have time to move away from tiles that are about to get hit, provided that the chain reaction includes at least three bombs.

Study the “minds” 

Remember that different characters – or “minds” – receive bonus points for different bombs.

Watch out for Empress Bombs

Empress Bombs are unaffected by chain reactions, but once an Empress Bomb explodes there’s nowhere to run… so you MUST defuse them.

Sidestep through the walls

When in need of a quick escape, you can always cross to the other side through the arena wall. In a tight spot this can be a real lifesaver.

That’s it, folks – and good luck! Give it your best shot here. We can’t wait to see all your improved scores up on the leaderboard.