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Hatch and Elisa bring 5G gaming to Arctic Invitational

Hatch’s partner Elisa Viihde is teaming up with Starsquad Events to host the Arctic Invitational, Finland’s first eSports mega tournament, at Hartwall Arena on Sept. 14. The highlight of the Finnish eSports calendar, Arctic Invitational will bring together some of the most accomplished players from Finland and around the world. The event also hosts the finals of the Elisa 5G League, the casual eSports tournament that Hatch and Elisa have organized in cities across the country since January.

Three internationally successful teams are invited to compete in the finals. The team to fill the fourth spot will be decided in a qualifying round. Qualifiers are held at Finnish gaming events throughout the course of the year, such as LanTrek and Vectorama.

The winners of Arctic Invitational will walk away with 100,000 euros, an unprecedented prize sum in the Finnish eSports scene. The main event of the tournament is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, alongside which Elisa and Hatch will run the Elisa 5G League finals.

“Elisa Viihde Sport is a forerunner in the Finnish eSports scene as well as a growing eSports broadcaster. We’ve expanded our events selection since the start of the year, and catering for international audiences is a natural next step for us,” says Mika Lepistö, Head of Sports and Pay-TV at Elisa. “We’re expecting a tough tournament, in which the fourth qualifying team is given the opportunity to challenge the world’s leading eSports players. We want to help Finnish eSports players progress to an international standard.”

“Hartwall Arena is well-designed to host Finland’s first large-scale eSports tournament,” says Olli-Pekka Villa, Starsquad CEO. “An eSports tournament will see us tap into the arena’s technical potential in previously unseen ways,”

Elisa 5G League: Casual eSports powered by Hatch
The Elisa 5G League mobile tournament, produced by Elisa and Hatch, is open to anyone in Finland. Players can vie for a chance to compete at Hartwall Arena by attending an Elisa 5G League tour event or by playing in the Elisa 5G League room on Hatch (available only to users in Finland).

“Launching Finland’s first 5G gaming tournament with Elisa has been a fantastic experience,” says Lassi Nummi from Hatch. “I’d like to challenge everyone interested in mobile games to take part, by playing on Hatch or attending one of our 5G tour events. The best players have a shot at playing in the finals at Arctic Invitational. See you on the main stage!”

“We’re proud to be organizing the world’s first 5G mobile gaming arena event,” adds Mika Lepistö Head of Sports and Pay-TV at Elisa.

Fans unable to attend can follow the event on Elisa Viihde Sport as well as the streaming platform Twitch. The event is produced by Elisa.

About Hatch
Hatch is the cloud gaming service built for the always on, always connected 5G world, streaming rich, full-featured games to the screens already in your life: mobiles, tablets and TVs. Hatch is available now via Google Play in select European countries for Android users. Support for more countries, platforms and screens is planned for later. For more information, visit Hatch is a subsidiary of Rovio Entertainment Corporation.

About Elisa
Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and digital service company operating mainly in Finland and Estonia. We serve over 2.8 million customers who have over 6.2 million subscriptions. We provide environmentally sustainable services for communication and entertainment, and tools for organisations to digitalise their operations and improve productivity. As the market leader, we are also a pioneer in new network technologies and innovations, such as 5G. Cooperation with Vodafone and Telenor, among others, enables globally competitive services. Elisa is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Large Cap with approximately 190,000 shareholders. In 2017, revenue was 1.79 billion euros, and the company employed 4,700 people in 13 countries., Facebook (@elisasuomi) and Twitter (@ElisaOyj).

About Elisa Viihde
Elisa Viihde is the leading digital entertainment service in Finland. Elisa Viihde covers all your entertainment needs – original series, the largest selection of Finnish movies and the latest Hollywood films, an extensive range of TV shows and sports you can’t see elsewhere. The service offers subscription video-on-demand services, rental movies, and an extensive range of pay-TV packages. Over 300,000 households enjoy Elisa Viihde entertainment services.