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Hatch celebrates the holidays – and its first birthday – with expansion to more countries, and a different game every day until December 24

Hatch Beta expands from Nordics to include Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Netherlands, and unveils Advent calendar showcasing depth of industry backing for new way to deliver mobile games

One year since announcing Hatch to the world, the startup that spun off from Rovio in 2016 has created the world’s first ever cloud gaming service for mobile, delivering premium mobile games and innovative social gaming experiences to consumers across the Nordic countries and now also Benelux, Austria and Germany. As Hatch Beta steadily expands to more markets, the service is counting down to ‘Hatchmas’ with an Advent-style calendar unveiling a different game every day until December 24 – showcasing the depth and breadth of content rapidly becoming available on Hatch.

“On Hatch, players don’t download games, they play games by streaming them instantly from the cloud,” explains Hatch founder and CEO Juhani Honkala. “We have now demonstrated that rich, full game experiences can be streamed on the go as easily as movies or music, with clear benefits for consumers. A transformation in the industry to cloud-based game streaming is inevitable and underway already, with Hatch leading the charge.”

As Honkala explains in greater detail on the Hatch Blog, when users are able to access the same shared game instance in the cloud, creating synchronous multiplayer games is much more achievable and affordable for developers. Even single-player games can be played together on Hatch with voice chat and shared controls. Moreover, storage space on phones is no longer an issue, allowing users to enjoy ongoing, on-demand access to every game across the entire Hatch collection.

‘Hatchmas’ calendar brings people together over a different hand-picked game daily

So far more than 100 developers and publishers – from major studios to beloved indies – have signed up to bring more than 250 premium games to the Hatch platform. As a showcase and thanks for this developer support, Hatch will unveil a different hand-picked game every day from December 1 to 24.

The first game on the calendar will be Akupara Games’ acclaimed RPG puzzler Star Vikings Forever, a finalist at the Google Play Indie Games Festival sure to appear later this month on many critics’ game-of-the-year lists. The remaining 23 games of Hatchmas will be revealed as the month progresses on social media and within Hatch Beta itself, where they can be played instantly, either solo or with friends.

About Hatch

Hatch Entertainment was founded in 2016 in Espoo, Finland, with a vision to change the way people play games – to create a place on mobile where people can enjoy new social experiences together. With social features never seen before in mobile gaming, in Hatch players can easily collaborate or compete with their friends and family, and share gameplay moments as they happen. Hatch brings cloud gaming to mobile for the first time, with no downloads, updates or in-app purchases.

Hatch Beta is out now for Android users in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg and Sweden, with support for more countries and platforms planned for later. Hatch Beta is currently free with ads; an optional paid subscription that unlocks more content and features is coming later. More info is at

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