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Hatch changes the game

HATCH changes the game

Announcing the only place to play, share and watch games on mobile – Early content partners include gaming legends BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA, TAITO CORPORATION and UBISOFT MOBILE – Available by invitation only on Android devices during first half of 2017

Hatch Entertainment, newly incorporated in Espoo, Finland, is offering a completely new way of playing together with friends and family on mobile: an instant game collection on demand, carefully curated to provide the highest quality gaming experiences, from arcade classics to modern masterpieces.

On Hatch, players stream the games they play – with no downloads, updates or in-app purchases. With social features never seen before in mobile gaming, players can easily collaborate or compete with their friends and family, as well as share gameplay moments and broadcast live game sessions.

In Hatch’s groundbreaking shared single-player mode, any single-player game can be turned into a multiplayer experience. The feature is ideal, for example, in cooperative e-sports, or if players are stuck and need a helping hand from a friend or family member on the other side of the globe.

“It’s not just about playing games, it’s about sharing new experiences with the people in your life,” says Hatch Founder and CEO Juhani Honkala. “Hatch represents a new social frontier and a new beginning for mobile games. We are soft launching in 2017 for Android users, but ultimately our intention is to bring Hatch to other platforms such as iOS as well. Our mission is to bring everyone together over the games they love.”

Top tier games bring premium user experience

Early content partners for Hatch range from established gaming legends such as BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America, TAITO Corporation and Ubisoft Mobile to beloved indies like ustwo Games and Double Fine Productions. Hatch will enter soft launch with about 100 different games, including BadlandBroken AgeCut the Rope 2DokuroThe King of Fighters ‘98Leo’s Fortune, Monument Valley, Pac-Man CE DX, Rayman Fiesta Run, Républiqueand Space Invaders Infinity Gene.

Hatch will also feature brand-new Hatch Originals – not available anywhere else – designed to take advantage of Hatch’s unique cooperative multiplayer features. The first Hatch Original will be IslaBomba: Ready To Boom, exclusively created in partnership with Sons of a Bit.

All will be playable on Hatch upon an invitation-only soft launch on Android devices during the first half of 2017.

“We’re excited about this opportunity to work with Hatch because we can bring some of our great IP like Pac-Man to a new and engaged audience that Hatch brings to mobile devices,” says Jeferson Valadares, GM/VP of Product Development at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America.

“We would like to thank all the people in Hatch for giving us this wonderful opportunity from the early stage,” says Kentaro Kawashima, General Manager, Content Development Division of TAITO Corporation. “Our team are very happy and excited about this partnership for this new gaming platform that will bring new and delightful experiences to all players worldwide.”

“We can’t wait to bring Rayman Fiesta Run to Hatch,” says Dominique Tardieu, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Ubisoft Mobile. “We’re always happy to partner in creating innovative gaming experiences. We’re looking forward to working with Hatch to make our mobile games accessible to even more players.”

Hatch is powered in part by highly advanced cloud-based server technology from long-term, global strategic partner Huawei Technologies. “Huawei is working with its partners and developers on cloud innovation to bridge today to tomorrow,” says David Tang, President, Europe, Huawei Technologies. “Next generation cloud services are the result of innovation and strong cooperation. Huawei, along with its partner Hatch, is committed to make optimal use of the cloud and take gaming innovation to the next level.”

Good news for developers

Hatch also offers a new revenue generating model for game developers, monetizing games with integrated, unobtrusive advertising and brand storytelling, as well as an optional paid subscription that unlocks additional features and content. There are otherwise no in-app-purchases in Hatch games, only full-featured, premium experiences.

This means that, in addition to earning new revenue streams, developers need not worry about perfecting elaborate game economies or in-app-purchase systems in their games. “Leave the monetisation to us,” Juhani adds. “You make the game you’ve always wanted to make. Our only requirement is that it is of the highest quality, and fun to play.”

In addition to BANDAI NAMCO, TAITO and Ubisoft, some 40 developers and publishers have already joined Hatch as launch partners, including Bossa Studios, Double Fine Productions, Frogmind, GungHo Online Entertainment, Rovio Entertainment, Sons of a Bit, SNK Playmore Corporation, 1337 + Senri, Tilting Point, ustwo Games, Vector Unit and ZeptoLab.

Hatch is adding new partners all the time. Developers interested in working with Hatch are invited to visit for more information and connect with Hatch representatives.

About Hatch

Hatch Entertainment was founded in 2016 in Espoo, Finland, as a new company spun out from Rovio Entertainment. We started out with a vision to change the way people play games – to create a new place on mobile where people can enjoy new social experiences together. Our superstar team are turning this vision into reality thanks to our passion, determination and uncompromising commitment to quality.

Core team

In founding Hatch, Juhani Honkala brings the better part of two decades’ experience as a pioneer in technology and gaming. He most recently served as SVP at Rovio Entertainment, where he led the company’s advertising and cloud services platforms and developed its ToonsTV video-on-demand service. Juhani’s management team also includes Vesa Jutila (Content & Partnerships), Karl Granström (Research & Development), and Christian Tierney(Brand & Marketing). They are joined by nearly 20 other superstars across a range of disciplines, all committed to changing the game and bringing new social experiences to mobile.

Hatch is a closely held, private company with a long-term commitment to sustainable success.