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Hatch teams up with Casual Connect Europe

Hatch teams up with Casual Connect Europe to discover the best games of tomorrow

Hatch, a forthcoming consumer service for playing and sharing full-featured games over the cloud, offers developers a new way for premium games on mobile to thrive and reach mass audiences

As part of its drive to build a world-class game collection on demand, Hatch is collaborating with Casual Connect Europe, the international games conference organized in Berlin from February 7 to 9, to meet with and help discover tomorrow’s top game developers.

Hatch is participating in Casual Connect’s mentorship program for select up-and-coming developers, with a view to possibly bringing their best work to the Hatch service. Event judges drawn from the industry have hand-picked the best developers from more than one thousand applicants to take part in the conference’s Indie Prize Showcase.

Hatch offers an instant game collection, carefully curated to provide the highest quality gaming experiences. Players can easily play together with their friends and family, as well as share gameplay moments as they happen. Games on Hatch live in the cloud, so playing is instant – with no downloads, updates or in-app purchases.

“From our partner developers, above all we are looking for full-featured games that are fun to play,” says Juhani Honkala, founder and CEO of Hatch. “Games made with passion that are beautifully designed and full of intrigue and personality – games that may come in all shapes, sizes and art styles, but that people want to talk about, play together and share.”

More than 50 partners and counting now on board for launch this year

Hatch is rolling out this year on Android, with other platforms to follow. More than 50 world-class game studios have already signed on to bring more than 90 games to Hatch, from established industry leaders like Taito, Bandai-Namco and Ubisoft to beloved indie houses like ustwo Games, Frogmind and Double Fine.

The most recent additions to the launch collection include acclaimed titles like Dungeon Rushers (Gobelinz/Mi-Clos Studio), Mini Metro (Dinosaur Polo Club/Playdigious), Evoland (Shiro Games/Playdigious) and Alto’s Adventure(Snowman/Noodlecake). GameHouse’s popular franchises DeliciousFabulous and Heart’s Medicine are also coming to Hatch at launch.

“As we continue to build our collection of top-tier gaming experiences for a range of aúdiences, our open invitation and challenge to developers is straightforward,” Honkala adds. “Does your best work belong in the company of modern masterpieces like Monument ValleyLeo’s Fortune or Badland? Or some of the all-time great IPs like Pac-Man, Space Invaders or Rayman? Then come and join us, and let’s change the game together.”

Fireside Chat with Hatch founders

In the subscription economy, where consumers have become accustomed to on-demand, personalized services that provide ongoing value, Hatch sees a bright future for games on mobile with no IAPs. Two of Hatch’s founders, Honkala and VP Content & Commercial Partnerships Vesa Jutila, will be on hand at Casual Connect on February 7, 11:30 am for a special Fireside Chat hosted by Dean Takahashi, lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat. Honkala and Jutila will discuss the profound transformation underway in the industry and how it can unleash new creative and social possibilities for mobile games.

About Hatch

Hatch Entertainment was founded in 2016 in Espoo, Finland, with a vision to change the way people play games – to create a place on mobile where people can enjoy new social experiences together. With social features never seen before in mobile gaming, players can easily collaborate or compete with their friends and family, and share gameplay moments as they happen. Hatch brings cloud gaming to mobile for the first time – with no downloads, updates or in-app purchases. Hatch is rolling out on Android this year, with more platforms to follow. More info is at

About Casual Connect

Casual Connect Europe supports the mass market game community by gathering the top developers, publishers, distributors and others involved in related industries for networking opportunities and useful lectures created by a board of industry members. The full schedule can be found at