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Hatcher Appreciation Month. It’s a thing!

Recently “employee appreciation days” have become more popular among companies. We decided to up the stakes – we’re celebrating our dear Hatchers for a whole month. Always think bigger, I guess!

In addition to our regular benefits and perks, we decided to treat all Hatchers to something extra, and nurture the team spirit between reaching deadlines and completing actual work. What does this all mean in practice then?

  • For starters, naturally there’s a masseuse visiting our office once a week treating all Hatchers to a relaxing massage of their choosing.
  • Next, we upgraded our Friday breakfasts to indulge our taste buds with special themed treats — and also introduced Monday superfood lunch hour, to ensure the week starts off on the right foot. We thought that since we anyway gossip about what happened during the weekend, why not do it over food, to make it even more delightful?
  • To make it seem less like we only eat cake at the office, which we tend to do quite often, we’re also heading to Allas Sea Pool for our monthly team sports. There we get to dive into the world of GoFlo, an actually great exercise that feels like you’re flying through the air! What would be more fun than flying and taking a dip in the outdoor pools after that?
  • A ski trip on the horizon! As a cherry on top, we’re heading to Himos Ski Center to enjoy the nature and outdoor activities. Watch out, Hatchers coming through!

Not to worry, we haven’t forgotten about Valentine’s Day either. We are going all in with pink flowers, heart-shaped balloons and sweets. Yes, we know that might not be everyone’s thing, but all Hatchers have been given fair warning!

On top of that, we’re also renewing the activities we do every month, such as our traditional board game night – which usually goes pretty well since we take turns losing so no one feels bad (just kidding, everyone likes to win). Our book club also gets together once a month to discuss the latest book they’ve read (or should’ve read). And starting this month, we’re also introducing a new tradition – movie night!

In the end it’s all about the fun – I should know since I’m there usually for the sake of good company.

All this, because after all the lunch, culture and transportation vouchers, insurance, flexible hours and health plus dental care, the most rewarding benefit is the feeling of belonging to a highly-motivated superstar team. It is such an empowering feeling to witness 12 different nationalities, of close to 40 people, sharing the same passion to make cloud gaming the next big thing.

If this is something you could imagine being a part of, make sure to check our open positions and never miss another Hatcher Appreciation Month again!