Coming in 2019

Hatch is not yet available in your country. Hang in there, we promise it will be worth the wait!

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Let’s play a game

I believe in the power of playing games. We play them not just for entertainment, but to make us happier and, most importantly, to bring us closer with our friends and family.

Playing together can connect generations and build relationships with the people in our lives. Mobile is now the primary gaming platform, bringing joy to millions of people on the planet, but something important has been lost – we are not playing together anymore. We are playing alone.

We wanted to bring back the joy of playing together. Hatch is the world’s first cloud gaming service that truly lets you play instantly together on mobile. With Hatch you can enjoy high quality premium games with the people in your life anywhere you happen to be.

The best part? Hatch makes social play possible even for games that were never designed for multiplayer. Stuck on a level in Monument Valley? Pass the controls to a friend for a helping hand – or help your kid through the more difficult parts in Grim Fandango. And it only gets better with multiplayer games designed especially for the Hatch platform — stay tuned for more information.

Hatch Beta is now available in Finland. Check it out – I want to invite you to play Hatch with your friends, and tell us what you think. By playing Hatch, you and your friends become a part of a cloud gaming revolution.