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Rise up! Arkanoid Rising lifts off, exclusively on Hatch

The first Hatch Original built from the ground up for cloud gaming introduces a striking new look, instant co-op and PvP to TAITO’s arcade classic

Hatch Entertainment in association with TAITO is thrilled to announce Arkanoid Rising, a bold new reimagining of the 1986 arcade classic for the cloud gaming era — available now exclusively through Hatch, the 5G gaming service for mobiles and TVs.

The Arkanoid mothership, carrying all that remains of humanity, is under assault by an unknown and deadly force. Use your Vaus scout ship to destroy enemy block formations — collecting spectacular power-ups as you battle through immersive worlds on your way to confronting the ultimate enemy. A hero will rise!

A highly approachable, premium-quality game for 1 to 2 players that you can immediately pick up and play, Arkanoid Rising features a cinematic, story-driven campaign for single player or instant 2-player co-op, plus an all-new real-time PvP battle arena for competitive block-breaking bouts with friends. In PvP mode, players face off in the arena from their own perspectives on their own devices, while spectators on other devices see the whole arena with a dynamically moving camera following the action. 

“With our first ever Hatch Original, we wanted to set the ambition level high and lay out our vision for exclusive content,” says Christian Tierney, a Hatch co-founder and Arkanoid Rising’s creative director and executive producer. “Working together with TAITO, we are honored to continue the story of an arcade legend while introducing an entirely new social dimension to the block-breaking gameplay, built from the ground up for the streaming era.”

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Click here to play instantly on Hatch: (If Hatch is not installed, link will redirect to Google Play. The game will start once Hatch is installed and opened)
Arkanoid Rising press kit, including images, video and trailer

About Hatch

Hatch is the cloud gaming service built for the always on, always connected 5G world, delivering rich, full-featured games to mobile devices and TVs with no downloads, no in-game purchases and no limits. Hatch Premium includes unlimited access to more than 150 high quality games from the world’s top developers for one flat monthly subscription, and is available now in Korea, Japan, the US and select European countries. For more information, visit Hatch is a subsidiary of Rovio Entertainment Corporation.

About Arkanoid

“Arkanoid” was first designed, developed, and sold by TAITO in 1986. It quickly became a breakout hit, ushering in a huge boom of block-breaking arcade games. “Arkanoid” continues to appear on today’s newest gaming platforms, 30 years after its initial release.

As the sole owner of all intellectual property rights related to “Arkanoid”, including copyrights and trademarks, TAITO continues to proactively develop and market the classic game today.