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Threes!: insider tips to score more points

Meet our Growth Hacker Jussi, pictured there on the left. Jussi joined the Marketing team at Hatch in 2018 and has already shown tremendous potential – particularly in the field of puzzle games. He currently holds second place in the original number-pushing game, Threes (often spelled Threes! with an exclamation mark). 

Jussi is a humble man and believes that in order to be the best, you have to beat the best, so he’s decided to share some winning secrets with the world. Ready to play? 

Tip no. 1: Put your baby in the corner 

Keep your highest scoring tile in a corner and always build up the tiles directly next to them. This is by far the most effective strategy for scoring high in Threes.

Tip no. 2: Nice and slow

Drag the tiles slowly to get a little sneak peek of what’s to come before you commit to a move. By sliding and holding you’ll see how the gameboard will look after finalizing the move. 

Tip no. 3: Direction matters 

The location of the incoming card is determined by the rows or columns that move when you swipe. If only one column or row moves, the incoming card will appear in that column or row.

Tip no. 4: Plan ahead

Once your MVP tile (the highest tile, that is) is placed securely in a corner, fill up that column with four white tiles (preferably in descending order) as quickly as possible. 

Tip no. 5: Winning sequences

Pay attention to your combinations. 12/24/12/24 is a bad column while 12/24/24/12 is a “meh, does the job” kind of a column. But 24/24/24/12? Now that’s a winning column!

Tip no. 6: Ones and twos? Ditch ‘em

If you have a bunch of unpaired ones and twos hanging about, focus first on burning them off by pairing them up. 

So, ready to give Jussi a run for his money? From what we hear it really is lonely at the top, so he could use the company. Threes: the Challenge runs until June 13 – play now and win mystery prizes

Psst! If you don’t care much for prizes, but fancy playing Threes, click here for the non-tournament version of Threes.