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Trick or treat? Why not both!

Hatch has always had a special affinity with Halloween. Whether it’s the playfulness of the season or our love of breaking boundaries, for us October is the most wonderful time of year.
To celebrate we’ve created a special room of guaranteed-to-spook games for you to enjoy in the lead-up to Hatchoween (oops, typo!). Here are our favourites, but the truth is that we were spoilt for choice.

Grandpa and the Zombies
Don’t mess with Grandpa Willy – he’s got some serious butt kicking power and he’s not afraid to flaunt. This highly addictive puzzle game for all ages has one simple goal: get Grandpa Willy to the elevator without running into any zombies. Guaranteed to keep your brain sharp and provide you with your annual zombie fix.

Good times on the Death Road to Canada. The survivor with the highest score on Oct. 31 wins a free hockey puck!

Death Road to Canada
Haven’t had enough of zombies yet? In this highly likely apocalyptic scenario zombies have taken over the US, but all hope isn’t lost – safety awaits across the border in Canada. The path is riddled with zombies, however, so this trip is likely to see more zombie goo than your average day on the road.

The best part about this role-playing game is that each play turns out slightly different: survivor strengths, locations and event sequences all vary between sessions. You can customize characters to your liking, as well, for example by naming them after your friends and family (or frenemies, ex’s, idols, colleagues… you get the gist).

And hey, get this: The survivor with the highest score on Oct. 31 wins a FREE HOCKEY PUCK. What am I supposed to do with that, you ask? For starters, the versatile slab of vulcanized rubber is useful both for knocking out zombies between the eyes, and for invigorating matchups on the ice once you make it to the promised land.

Good times on the Death Road to Canada. The survivor with the highest score on Oct. 31 wins a free hockey puck!

Slice your way through nightmarish baddies in the gorgeous and challenging Shadow Bug

Shadow Bug
Like the idea of playing a Halloween game, but hate all things horror? This one’s for you. Control the fierce yet adorable Shadow Bug as it moves through a quaint forest, knocking out some baddies on the way. The art and soundscape are out of this world and the playing technique is unusual, as well – have a go and see for yourself.

But be warned: On closer inspection this tale becomes the scariest of them all. An attempt to remedy the effects of an environmental disaster caused by air pollution may not sound gruesome, but it’s certainly a timely horror in all of our lives.

Slice your way through nightmarish baddies in the gorgeous and challenging Shadow Bug

Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts
This game isn’t filled with brain teasers or monsters waiting to be slain. Instead it draws the player in with ghostly atmosphere and a gripping storyline. If Halloween’s your jam, this ticks all the boxes: restless spirit, haunted mansion and an epic mystery to solve, all just a tap away. So, what are you waiting for?

Nihilumbra is a puzzle platformer that lures you in with eerie art and a deeply moving backstory. “The Void must be one, you cannot escape from it,” says an ominous voice as Born, a creature born out of the Void, attempts to escape from his soulless creator and make it in the real world. Longing for life he battles on, despite knowing full well that the Void will never stop searching for him.

Toby: The Secret Mine
This Indie game has a lot going for it: beautiful art, plenty of “a-ha” moments and a lovable hero-in-the-making, Toby. When Toby’s friends are taken captive by a red-eyed monster and held in a mine, he has no choice but to go on a dangerous rescue mission. The game takes on a darker twist at the very end, but we don’t want to reveal too much. We’ll just leave it at this: if you loved Nihilumbra, you’ll no doubt love Toby: The Secret Mine, as well.

Dungeon Rushers
Dungeon Rushers is a tactical role-playing game with a hefty dose of comedy thrown in. The set-up mimics that of a board game – you move through the dungeons one step at a time, engaging in turn-based combat with lurking monsters and reaping the rewards. The more you play, the better you familiarise yourself with the dungeons, knowing who to pick for battle and which corners to steer clear of.

Age of Zombies
Bet you thought we were done with zombies. Ha!

You’re Barry Steakfries, a monster blasting ex-salesman with an abundance of weapons and one noble mission: to end zombie outbreaks across six time periods and expose Professor Brains’ evil agenda. Are you up to the challenge?

Age of Zombies is Halfbrick’s longest running active game and one of our all-time favorites. With compelling graphics, intuitive touchscreen joystick gameplay and a protagonist to love, it’s a little too easy to spend hours with this one.

In short? No risk of a boring Halloween with Hatch in your pocket. We’d love to hear your thoughts – tweet us with your favourite Halloween games or give us feedback on our selection.