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Valentine’s Day – yay or nay? Six games to help you decide

Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day believer or the Grinch of Valentine, February 14 rarely goes unnoticed. With Hatch you can make the most of the celebration – no matter what side of the debate you fall on.


Love to love? Here’s your top three

Love You to Bits

If cute is not your thing, you should probably sit this one out. Kosmo and Nova, an astronaut and a robot madly in love, have to overcome their biggest relationship stumble yet when Nova’s bits get scattered across space in a tragic accident. Help Kosmo put his one true love back together in this visually striking, award-winning sci-fi adventure. 

Mobile game art for Link TwinLink Twin 

Meet Tom and Lily, twins who refuse to move out of sync and need your help finding their lost parents. Link Twin is a minimalist, highly atmospheric puzzle game jam-packed with aha moments that leave you wanting more – and with a whopping 100 levels to tackle, you’ve got some work ahead of you.   


Elder Goo

Friends are forever, boys are whatever? If this (or one of its dirtier counterparts) is your life motto, Elder Goo might be what you’re looking for. These sweet little characters – called Bouncy, Gooey, Sticky and Sturdy, by the way – are all about teamwork, helping each other navigate mysterious worlds filled with puzzles and obstacles.

Top tip! Elder Goo is a 100% family friendly game, so if your Valentine’s plans are more Nanny McPhee than Fifty Shades Freed, this one’s for you.


Can’t stand the cheese? We’ve got you covered

Screenshot for mobile game Shooting StarsShooting Stars

Feeling irritable? Big on online memes? You’ll love this – a top-down shooter game where you get to take down the rich and the famous (or at least their look-alikes), including Justin Belieber, Krillex and Kanye East. Bangarang, indeed! A perfect little boredom killer as well as a tension reliever, this entry-level shoot-em-up with meme references throughout is a nod to the Grumpy Cat generation (good riddance, Hello Kitty).


Party Hard Go

Ever had neighbors so loud you just had to go and, well, silence them – for good? No, neither. But that is the premise of Party Hard Go. When noisy neighbors just can’t quit partying, it’s your job to blend in and eliminate the party people – one by one. This game is an all-in-one solution for rejecting Valentine’s Day – party some, deceive all and SLAY CUPID. (Well, one can dream).

Burn the Rope: Worlds 

You don’t have to be a pyromaniac to enjoy watching stuff burn. The aim of this puzzle game is simple – to burn as much rope as possible. If this is the only flame you’re looking to keep alive this Valentine’s Day, you’re in luck – there’s a seemingly endless amount of levels to master as well as an actual Endless Burn level. Burn, baby, burn!

Did you know? In Finland Valentine’s Day is actually called “friends’ day”. Why not honor your besties by beating them in their favorite games? Our unique leaderboards show your progress in real time, so you’ll literally see your name flip past theirs.