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Why we take Hatchoween seriously

If you’ve been following us on social media the last few weeks, you may have noticed that we like Halloween. Quite a bit.
And though it may seem like we are a little obsessed – which, granted, we maybe are – Halloween means more to us than just witch hats and pumpkin spice. (Although we do enjoy the paraphernalia, as well. What’s not to love about sparkling ravens, neon skeletons and little white ghosties?)

Since the hatching days of Hatch, we’ve believed that team building events like “Hatchoween” play a key role in delivering success – our staff functions best on-duty when they’re caring and comfortable with each other also off-duty. And Halloween? It provides the framework for what is easily the most creative and playful event in our annual calendar.

Investing in team building isn’t a radical idea, in any shape or form. But it is something that we approach with passion, intent and a genuine desire to build something even greater than simply the greatest gaming app in the world – we want to have the greatest team in the world.

Modest? No, but we never claimed to be.

This year the theme for our annual Hatchoween party was NYC Village Parade – edgy, a little bit mischievous and totally Hatch. We wanted to wow our crew with a cocktail wizard from the trendiest bar in Helsinki and a wicked three-course meal inspired by flavors from around the world, all enjoyed in the comfort of our own seaside office, which we’d transformed to resemble the delightfully eccentric streets of New York City on All Hallows’ Eve.

All employees received a mysterious “trick or treat” box to mark the occasion and naturally there were late night hot dogs on offer, as well. And the morning after? Pancake bar, of course.

The truth is that we make a fuss when any holiday comes around. But as October creeps up, we always get that peculiar feeling that anything could happen – that hidden in the rustling leaves there’s risk of stumbling on something exciting and unexpected. 

And as pioneers in what we do, we think that exploring the unknown is worth celebrating any day of the week. Till next year, Hatchoween.