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What is Hatch?

As the first app to stream games as easily as movies or music, Hatch is a made-for-5G service for discovering, sharing and playing great games on demand. We have teamed up with more than 100 game developers and publishers to bring you a curated collection of the best in premium mobile entertainment – without taking up any more space on your phone.

Download Hatch via Google Play if Hatch is available in your area.

How can I get access?

Hatch is currently available on Android devices via Google Play in select European countries. When we have sufficient capacity in your territory we will send your exclusive invitation to join Hatch via SMS.

When will Hatch be available in my country?

Hatch is currently available on Android devices via Google Play in select European countries. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to receive news on when we expand to the US and other territories.

When will Hatch be available on iOS,
smart TVs or other platforms?

We are focusing our resources for now on getting it right on Android phones. We plan to support other platforms and devices later.

Is it free to use Hatch?

Hatch is currently free with integrated advertising and brand storytelling. A paid subscription will be introduced later that removes ads and brings additional premium features and content.

Woah, so many paid games are available
on Hatch without paying, is this legit?

Hatch is a fully licensed distribution partner for high quality, premium content from more than 100 game developers and publishers.

Does Hatch use mobile data?

If you are connected to the Internet via your phone’s 4G or LTE connection (rather than wifi), then Hatch will consume mobile data. On average data usage is less than 2.5 Mbps, or half that required for HD video streaming.

Can I request games to add to the collection?

We are adding more great games to Hatch all the time. If you would like to make a request, send a note to or ping us on social media. Please note that we only offer full-featured, premium games with no in-app purchases.

I’m a developer. Can I get my game on Hatch?

Maybe! Find out more here.

Why am I having performance issues in Hatch?

Hatch is optimised for performance over 5G networks, but it is still possible to have a good experience over good wifi or 4G. Performance can also be influenced by proximity to data centers (only select European countries are supported at the moment) and number of concurrent users at peak times. We are constantly collecting performance data from the app, and we really appreciate you helping us make a better Hatch for everyone.

Why do you ask for my phone number?

We ask for your phone number to verify and administer your account via SMS, and to help prevent the creation of fraudulent or bot accounts. We never send you marketing messages via SMS, and we never share your number with third parties.

I’ve restarted a game, but I’m not where
I was the last time I played.

Each game saves player progress at different intervals, depending on the requirements of the gameplay. When you restart a gameplay session, you may not find yourself exactly where you left off (for example, you may find yourself back at the beginning of a level you have only partially cleared). If for some reason you lose your entire gameplay history, tell us which game and your user name, and we will attempt to recover your save data.

If Hatch is made for 5G, why is it out now?

Why wait for the future? Hatch is built for the 5G world, but in some markets you can still have a good experience over good wifi or 4G. When you do get 5G, performance will be even better and we can deliver even richer gaming experiences.

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