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Hatch League competition terms

Competition organizer:

Hatch Entertainment Oy (2747414-2), Keilaranta 19, 02150 Espoo, Finland (”Hatch”)

Competition in short:

Every now and then we launch a new competition with a specific game, which has a leaderboard feature to show the players with most points (“League Game”).  


In order for you to participate in the competition, you must be resident in a country, where Hatch application is available, have created a profile in Hatch application, and have an Internet connection. In the event that a competition is eligible only for residents of one country, it will state so on the competition page.

By participating in the competition, you accept these competition terms, as well as the Hatch application Terms of Service. If you are under 18 years of age, you may participate with your parent’s explicit consent. Employee’s or contractors of Hatch may not participate in the competition.

Competition term:

You can participate in the competition during the time period specified in the League Game.


By participating you may win Hatch product prizes. The prizes may not be exchanged for money. The participant is personally liable for any tax obligations or implications resulting due to the receipt of a prize.


The participant, who gets the most points in the League Game during the competition term wins the competition. Hatch may, at its discretion, give prizes also to those in latter positions in the competition.

If specified on the competition page, winners may also be drawn at random from a pool of players, e.g. all players or all players who’ve reached a specified level, or completed a game in a specified time frame. In such an event the competition will be labeled “giveaway” or “sweepstake”.

The winner is announced in Hatch application and in Hatch’s Instagram account, after the competition term. If the winner has added their contact details into their Hatch application profile, we may also inform the winner directly.


The winner must contact Hatch in the manner specified in the winner announcement. If the winner has not contacted Hatch within 14 days of the winner announcement, Hatch may redistribute the prize to another person, the original winner thereby losing their right to the prize.

Hatch is not liable for competition participations that do not reach Hatch, are in some manner inadequate, inappropriate, or otherwise illegible, and reserves the right to disregard such participations. Participating in the competition is free. Hatch is not liable for any costs of participating in the competition, such as for the cost of an Internet connection.

Hatch is not liable for prizes that are lost or damaged during postage or which have not arrived electronically (e.g. by email) due to technical reasons outside of Hatch’s control or due to incorrect contact details given by the participant.

Hatch reserves the right to discard persons, who have breached these terms or the Terms of Service of the Hatch application, or who may reasonably be believed to have engaged in foul play. Hatch reserves the right to modify these terms.

The players’ personal information is used in accordance with Hatch’s privacy policy, and the players’ contact details only for the delivery of the prize.

All issues arising out of or relating to the competition and these terms whether in contract or tort, shall be governed exclusively by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Finland, without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules.

In the event that you are a consumer residing in the EU, and a conflict concerning these terms cannot be resolved by you and Hatch in amicable negotiations, you may also resort to your local national dispute resolution body for consumer disputes. You may find the full list of competent dispute resolution bodies in your jurisdiction here: Alternatively, you may also use the Online Dispute Resolution Platform available here: for resolving a consumer dispute.

If the laws of the country in which you live prohibit Hatch from enforcing these governing law provisions, nothing in these terms will limit your rights based on your local governing laws. In addition, nothing in these terms will prevent you from starting legal proceedings in the local courts of your home country.

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